Built-in Kitchen Range Hood with 5 Levels Wind-force 1.5W LED Lamps, Remote Control Available





Bullet Point

1.Built-in Design

2.High-quality 430 Stainless Steel Material

3.600CFM Power in 5 Levels & 2×1.5w LED Lights

4.Multi-function & Remote Control


How to create an elegant and functional kitchen space? A built-in kitchen hood is essential. It offers more good-looking appearance as it without exposed flue. In order to ensure the durability and security, the frame of this kitchen hood is manufactured of high-quality stainless steel. And the materials used in other parts are exquisite as well. That makes this kitchen range hood is easy to clean and maintenance. Strong enough wind-force guarantee the effect of this functional kitchen hood. The remote control is a wonderful design for users, it offer the easy operation. Pick it for your beautiful and clean kitchen space without any hesitation.

Dimensions & Weights
Product Size 29.5”L x 11.8”W x 10.04”H
Package Size 32.09”L x 15.35”W x 16.54”H
Duct Size 6” Diameter on Top
G.W 27.12 lbs
N.W 19.40 lbs
Style Built-in/Insert
Material 430 Stainless Steel
Motor AT31-1L
Rating AC120V 60Hz 3.7A 403W
Airflow Capacity 600CFM
Speed 5
Noise 40~65 dB
Light 2×1.5W LED Light
Timer 9 Minutes
Duct Included No
Vent Location Top
Remote Control Yes
Washable Filter Yes
Recommended Distance 65-75cm above the cooking surface
Warranty 1 Year
Package Included Range Hood & Screw Pack &
Instruction & Remote Control


[Built-in Design]

To further beautify the kitchen space, this built-in kitchen range hood was introduced to being style and elegance. This insert kitchen hood is suitable for some kitchen with cupboard styles. The aluminum mesh filters can be removed and wash by hand, and the lamps can be replaced as well. In a word, this built-in kitchen hood keeps your kitchen fresh and safe.

[High-quality Material]

For keeping security and durability, this built-in kitchen hood is made of 430 stainless steel. And the filter of the kitchen hood is manufactured of aluminum, while the surface of the filter is made of steel. Please note, the stainless steel must be cleaned regularly to ensure a long life expectancy. All these materials are non-flammable to guarantee safety and easy to clean during the usage in your daily life.

[Excellent Functions]

In addition to the perfect appearance, the practical function of this kitchen hood is wonderful as well. The suction power is a crucial and basic function for a kitchen hood, and the wind-force of suction power is 600CFM. The wind-force is divided into five levels, which allow users to choose the appropriate level based on their needs. Two 1.5W LED lamps can provide enough light in daily environment. Moreover, it has a timer function to allow users to set the time as required to save energy.

[Remote Control]

Considering the needs of daily operation, this built-in kitchen hood is equipped with a remote control to operate all functions via buttons. Lighting, Turning on/Increasing motor speed button, Turning off/Decreasing motor speed key and Timer button are the four buttons on the remote control. Users can operate this kitchen hood effortlessly via the remote control.

[Installation Instructions]

Detailed and clear installation instructions are attached with this kitchen hood to assist users install it step bu step. Vivid illustrations in the instruction manual are easy to understand, that can ensure users conduct the installation steps without error. And the attached installation screw package allows users not to worry about small parts. Besides, there is a protective film on the surface of product to avoid scratch in transit, tear off the film before use the product. PLEASE NOTE that this product do not include the duct and 6” duct is available to this range hood.


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